What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is a safe, non-surgical answer to myopia (nearsightedness). Specialized contact lenses gently reshape the cornea while you sleep to correct your vision during the day. Ortho-K patients enjoy clear vision during waking hours without glasses or contact lenses and wear retainer lenses nightly to maintain the results.

Ortho-K For Children

For those with mild or moderate Myopia, Ortho-k is a great option for sports-related activities and as a way to reduce myopia in children as they age. Learn more about how Ortho-K could benefit you below.

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Sport Safety

For fast-moving and contact sports, glasses and contact lenses can cause safety risks during the game. With Ortho-K, your child no longer needs to wear their corrective eyewear during the game so they can focus on doing their best!

Their Aging Eyes

As your child ages, so do their eyes and their vision. Ortho-k has been shown in research to slow down the progression of myopia. To slow your child’s vision changes, get started early with Orhto-K lenses!

The Process

  1. Schedule a comprehensive vision/eye health exam
  2. A computerized map of your corneal topography is obtained to design your retainer lenses. 
  3. You will receive trial lenses to demonstrate the effect of corneal reshaping lenses and evaluate the fit. 
  4. The morning after wearing your trial lenses, you will come to the office for a vision check-up and new topography mapping to see the improvements.
  5. If any change in the design of the retainers is needed, we will reorder new lenses for you.